Native American Teens Miss College Tour When Police Were Called On Them


  • The mother That placed the call should be the one refunding the kids’ expenses, paying a fine for wasting police time and she Should be banned by the school.

  • The school should make things right and search and find music scholarships for these two young men. Otherwise set up “crowd funding” to allow us to contribute to their education.

  • I agree on the crowd funding! But I don’t agree on the mother who called being fined or even reprimanded! If people would have been more alert and reported the people before maybe 9/11 wouldn’t have happened! All the warning signs were there, but no one reported them to anyone! Just thought they were weird people and shook their heads and moved on!

    • You are correct… if you see something, say something (though I think the origin of this is BS).

      It was the responsibility of the officers of the school to quickly determine why they were there and diffuse the situation.

      Everyone that visited our school had documentation of some kind… a letter, guest pass or even a student ID.

      When you ask the public to say something, expect something like this.

    • You missed the point. The woman called because they were Native American, said they didn’t belong there. That’s racism. It was the whole reason she called the police. She profiled those kids, based on what they looked like, versus what she thought you SHOULD look like to be there. The woman is an idiot, and so are you.

      • I am not into name calling, but what has become of our country, that just because some is of a different color, they should be treated that way is said. Also, I think that women owes these two young men an apology and take some classes on American History to know who has rights here to belong

  • “If you see something – say something,”right? Wrong, now we are second guessing those who react accordingly with this disparate plea for help from law enforcements. We need to take a step back and try to refrain from drawing immediate conclusions. This intolerance in the name of racism may have an influence on others. It may make them hesitant or reluctant to report something that appears unusual to them.
    I don’t know if this “mother” was a racist or not. I don’t know her at all. Those closer to her probably better understand her beliefs and values. Somebody knows for sure, but not me. Based on what I know, I support her decision to speak up. Otherwise we may as well give up on the “See something, say something” mantra. I say “Better safe than sorry.” There will be mistakes. It’s inevitable, but if this invocation saves one life and makes America safer, it’s worth it. That being said, for those out there who would use this opportunity to further their racist cause, SHAME ON YOU!
    As for the young men affected by this unfortunate mistake. It sounds like a jester was made to compensate them monetarily. We should continue to offer our sincerest apologies, beg for their forgiveness, and respectfully request their understanding. We should wish them luck in all of their future endeavors, and without trying to sound contrite, then we should all move on.
    I know as a white, middle age, male my opinion will probably be dismissed by many because I have never experienced racial prejudice. I respect that. What I don’t respect is the effort to compromise an effective approach to fight terrorism. Compromising “See something, say something”, could comprise a human life, and for what? Possibly an honest mistake?

    • Except in this case, thise boys were not displaying suspicious behavior. The caller based in on their skin color and her obvious predudice of Spanish people ( when she stated they were Spanish ).

    • How many Native Americans have been considered “terrorists” lately! Get real. Whites have been domestic terrorists! I am white. Could she not tell the difference between a Native American and a Hispanic?

    • “If you see something – say something,”right? That statement came out from 911 if you see a package or bag or something just sitting there say something. It did not say play cop and call that someone is minding their own business BBQing. She was a bigot that it backfired in her face. I don’t think having a BBQ has anything to do with terrorism at all and you know I’m right. She would of never called if they were white. I’m white and I see what is going on here. it’s BS and you know it.

  • Oh I believe it no doubt. It happened to me just under a little different circumstances. I’m a blonde hair, green-eyed, fair skinned Caucasian female too! The Narcissist(if you don’t know what this means please YouTube it, you’re lost in life) went down to the courthouse to make false filings on me as anyone can do onto anyone. When this person who obviously wanted to torture me checked “yes” for the boxes under what would you like law enforcement to do; restrain with force, Baker Act and/or Marchman Act; the Narc checked all three. I was walking around just like these kids doing a tour minding my own business when two officers approached a group of us kids, began shouting to get on the ground, we were all confused looking around at each other so the officers drew their weapons. Once I realized the angry officers were directed more at me I asked, “Sir, what seems to be the trouble?” The officers didn’t like me opening my mouth or how slowly I was moving to the ground as ordered(since I was wearing a dress and heels) so one officer threw me to the ground, handcuffed me and dragged me back to the cop car. The officers wouldn’t let me ask or tell me what was going on. All they said is, “Someone must have it out for you. This order to take you in came from the courthouse.” Since I had honestly done nothing wrong the officers didn’t know what to do to me so they ended up hauling me to the looney bin. Once there the doctors realized I’m normal with nothing wrong and had to let me go. It took nearly 48 hours of this bs to be straighten out. I later found out it was my drug-addict mother who had made the fake filing at the courthouse because she was afraid I was going to tell someone about her bad parenting and drug problems. This went on to happen 16 more times before I turned 18 years old. 100% dead true! Its a sick and sad legal system.

  • Being observant and careful sometimes may cause inconvenience, but overall I feel it is better to be safe than sorry. Maybe if more were observant and careful as those planes were loading on 9-1-1 we wouldn’t have had such a terrible tragedy. Sometimes there is a fine line, but safety requires diligence.

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