NBA to let teams reopen training facilities on May 1 despite coronavirus outbreak, report says


  • NBA was reportedly considering allowing teams to resume player training in its official facilities.
  • The association, though, will adhere to various coronavirus restrictions imposed on each state.
  • NBA commissioner, Adam Silver,  expressed last week that they have plans laid on the table, but the coronavirus crisis renders them unable to decide on the reopening of the season.

According to several reports, the NBA was apparently open in allowing its teams to open their practice venues again by May 1, no less than six weeks after it halted the season because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported, however, that the organization will only permit teams going back to practice only if their corresponding city governments have lifted stay-at-home measures.

As of Saturday afternoon, there were over 926,000 people tested positive with COVID-19 in the United States. The New York Times also reported that around millions of Americans across the nation are still undergoing various stay-at-home orders, and some are expected to go beyond May 1.

ESPN also said that NBA teams would not be allowed to oblige players to practice at the official facilities, and they would only let the athletes go on a voluntary basis. Moreover, prearranged team practices or group exercises will not be allowed as well.

While some businesses are expected to either reopen or ease up on stay-at-home measures by the first day of that month, several states will be following restrictions beyond that date; thus, four teams from California and one from New York will not be given permission.  

Wojnarowski added that the NBA would closely cooperate with teams incapable of opening their practice facilities again to ensure a safe game practice of its players.

Reports also suggest that a lot of professional players had been requesting their teams to consider going to Georgia to train.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has reportedly start reopening some businesses, including gyms, in the state within this week. 

Kemp’s move has received many criticisms, including the one from U.S President Donald Trump.

The association, however, had assured that it does not encourage players to train at public fitness gyms on the state.

Wojnarowski further said that while NBA may seem to take this step toward the direction of recommencing the season, the association is still uncertain about the future games.

Meanwhile, NBA commissioner Adam Silver commented last week that they have no control over the situation, making their position as incapable of making decisions amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: AOL

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