Nearly a thousand birds invade a California home [Video]


  • A family in Torrance, California had surprise guests of over 800 birds last April 21.
  • The flock penetrated the residence through the chimney and overwhelmed the entire household.
  • A local bird control expert advised nearby communities to close their chimneys.

In a video clip that went viral online, over 800 birds have flocked to a private chimney in California.

On April 21, the family in Torrance, California got the surprise of their lives after coming home from dinner, as they were greeted by hundreds of birds penetrating their household. Per KTLA.

“We lost count after 800 — it’s unbelievable,” the homeowner called as told by Kerri to the local outlet. “If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you’d never believe it.”

Based on a surveillance camera, the flock entered through the household’s chimney, and consequently overwhelmed the entire residence.

According to the station, the birds devastated the interiors by crashing the windows, and perched on the house to become their nest.

The family was advised by the County animal control officials to leave their doors open to cast away the feathered creatures, but they remained unfazed and got themselves in a “feel at home” mode.

“The second night, I actually woke up to a bird flapping in my room. So basically just pull the covers over my head and started screaming… You couldn’t walk in any spot in the living room, the kitchen and the hallway without stepping on bird droppings,” Kerri said.

The family was forced to spend their night at a nearby hotel while family relative Patrick Belleville attempted to get rid of the flock.

“They acted like they wanted to get out, but they weren’t going [anywhere],” Belleville said. “They were just flying around, just everywhere, every room in the house, every bathroom.”

“They were just beaming off my head,” he added.

Belleville got rid of some of the birds using a cardboard box. The whole family continued to shoo  the avian group as of last week.

In another nearby community in Montecito, local authorities responded to a call where a household’s chimney had over 1,000 birds trapped inside.

Nearby residents had been advised by local brid control expert John Honjiyo to close down their chimneys.

Source: New York Post

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