Netflix docu American Murder paranormal activity

Did the Netflix docu ‘American Murder’ capture paranormal activity? [Video]

  • The Netflix documentary ‘American Murder’ narrates the gruesome murder of the Watts family using social media videos posted by one of the victims.
  • A ghost of a child allegedly appeared in a police bodycam footage during their investigation.
  • Since its September 30 release on Netflix, ‘American Murder’ has landed on its Top 10 most-watched programs.

Back in 2018, America was shocked by the murders of the Watts family. What was more shocking was that it was the father, Chris Watts, who murdered his two daughters, wife, and unborn son. For America and the world who are hooked on Netflix, the horrifying story is now being told in its documentary, ‘American Murder: The Family Next Door’. 

The Netflix original documentary is directed by Jenny Popplewell and has been on the platform’s Top 10 most-watched programs since its release last September 30.

Popplewell pieced together what the family went through in their last weeks from the social media videos shared by Shannan Watts’ account and publicly available footage.

In an interview, Popplewell said, “I went straight to Shanann’s Facebook page, and she’s still alive on there and feels like everybody else, you know? I decided that rather than our film telling people what to think, we could just show them.”

Now, aside from knowing the true story, viewers claimed that a ghost just popped out in one of the videos!

Arthur Cant posted a video on YouTube that shows the alleged phantom appearing on bodycam footage of one of the police who investigated Shannan’s initial disappearance. The phantom is that of a small girl moving around in a back room while the police questions a nervous Chris Watts.

As Cant writes below the video, “You can clearly see a little girl,” and implied that the girl is one of the daughters that Chris killed.

In one of the comments, a freaked-out commentator said “That was wild,” when at the half-minute mark, the light in the room where Chris Watts was directly across at seemingly turns off right before the young girl is first seen in the background.

But as usual, some people are not believing the paranormal activity. They analyzed the video frame by frame and noted that the alleged ghost is actually the neighbor’s child, Nickole Atkinson, who is very much alive. It was Nickole’s father, Frederick, who first alerted the police when Shannan went missing.

The light turning off, viewers explained, was because of Nickole’s older brother, who switches the lights off.

Paranormal or not, you can watch the documentary on Netflix and know the truth about the murder (and the ghost). 

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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