News segment unexpectedly cuts to satanic ceremony [Video]


  • An Austrailian news broadcast unexpectedly cut to two seconds of a satanic ritual.
  • During an unrelated segment about police dogs, the footage cuts to a ceremony involving the words “hail Satan.”
  • It’s not clear how the devilish footage made its way into the broadcast.

And now, here’s Lucifer with the weather.

In a truly bizarre scenario, Australian TV viewers got unexpected bonus content with their news coverage when the broadcast suddenly cut to a satanic ritual.

The network was doing a segment on police dogs, which included typical b-roll footage of various government officials.

As the segment was seemingly coming to a close, the broadcast cut to about two seconds of footage of a ceremony that clearly involved the words “hail Satan.”

Anchor Yvonne Young was able to keep her composure after the odd inclusion. After a short beat, she moved along to the next story.

It’s unclear how the devilish content made its way into the footage.

Source: Huff Post

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