NFL players DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar granted bail after turning themselves in [Video]


  • Professional footballers Dunbar and Baker set with bail after taken into custody over armed robbery charges.
  • Both footballers were allegedly involved in an illegal dice game on Wednesday, and charges indicate they robbed people at the event, with Baker pulling out a gun.
  • Both legal counsels of Dunbar and Baker maintained the two had nothing to do with the allegations.

After voluntarily turning themselves in to police custody on Saturday, Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks and DeAndre Baker of the New York Giants were set with bail for arrest warrants over armed robbery charges.

ESPN reported that Judge Michael Davis of Broward County set $100,000 in total for Dunbar, which includes $25,000 for every armed robbery suits totaling four. Meanwhile, Baker’s bail was set at $200,000, which comprises his four cases of an armed robbery at $25,000 each, and another four counts of aggravated assault charges with a firearm.

While the state of Florida files a no-bond policy for both Baker and Dunbar, it is the presiding judge’s discretion whether he would allow the accused to post bail. 

Should Baker and Dunbar post the bond immediately, they can both be temporarily freed on Sunday.

The court will be refunding their bond once they attend all court hearings, but the bail amount is still an enormous sum of money for each of them. Dunbar is contracted for a little over $3 million this season, while Baker’s cap is more than $970,000.

The two professional footballers have been indicted for robbing an illegally operated dice game with 15-20 patrons on Wednesday at Miramar, Florida.  Another person was also charged along with the two. 

According to reports, Baker took out a firearm and ordered Dunbar and another red-masked man, to begin mugging the other attendees. While there were no reported gunshots, several witnesses had sworn affidavits that Baker told the other person to shoot somebody who just arrived at the house.

Attorneys for both Dunbar and Baker sustained that they are innocent of all accusations, as stated during the bail hearings.

Dunbar’s attorney, Michael Grieco, submitted five affidavits that allegedly came from four victims and one witness, which were the same people who gave police sworn statements earlier this week.

According to a report by ESPN, the public prosecutor found it suspicious that the new affidavits were all about the participation of Dunbar in the incident, and that those five people would retract their original testimonials only after 36 hours upon speaking to authorities.

Baker’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, on the other hand,  said he had recently acquired new affidavits under review and not yet time to present during that time. He did, however, showed a section of testimony from Dominick Johnson, who was present during the incident and is a friend of both Dunbar and Baker.

ESPN reported that Johnson’s statement said he did not felt threatened, nor Baker took any valuables and pulled out a gun to anyone.

Source: AOL

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