NFL Week 4 Schedule Disrupted by Coronavirus


  • Titans players and personnel tested positive for the coronavirus and immediately suspended its in-person activities.
  • NFL’s Goodell said this does not come as a surprise as it’s expected for players and staff to test positive during the season.
  • In the past, the NFL has moved games to a different day due to snowstorms, stadium issues, and wildfires.

With Tennessee players and personnel testing positive for the coronavirus, the Steelers-Titans Game has been moved from Sunday to either Monday or Tuesday.

This is a contingency plan that was activated after the Titans decided to immediately suspend in-person activities after the results came in.

The League announced that it has decided on giving more time for contact tracing and COVID-19 testing and to ensure the health and safety of its players, coaches, and league personnel.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a memo to the teams that the Titans news didn’t surprise the league. “This is not unexpected. There will be players and staff who will test positive during the season.”

And this would also not be the last time that positive covid-19 results would lead to adjustments in this NFL’s season.

Week 4 will proceed as scheduled as the shift in the Titans-Steelers game is just minor.

It is not ideal to change a game day schedule but moving it to another week would have more complications like shuffling many games.

Although the NFL has always been on schedule, this is not the first time that an NFL game has been moved. Wildfires, snowstorms, and issues with the stadium have also disrupted its schedule. After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the NFL also had to postpone its games.

The NFL cannot easily postpone games like Major League Baseball because of its fairly rigid schedule. One example is the St. Louis Cardinals which had to be shut down because of a coronavirus outbreak. They still had to play 58 of 60 scheduled games and do a lot of doubleheaders.

Source: AOL

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