Nine California students in a suspected opioid overdose at party, hospitalized


  • This sounds way worse than the campus shootings and should be more important than the shootings. Worse yet, it was their own CHOICE. Really shows their maturity.

  • Students now days have it easy! What makes it hard is them selfs ! They are away gaming with theirs trying too prove something ! Your parents put tome raising your butt ! They do anything for you people! But yet you screw up! Stop putting your parents thought it! Grow up! You don’t need too too be macho! Or very stupid! Ty

  • What opioids, how were they obtained, and how were they taken?, was alcohol involved? These kids don’t understand the dangers assocciated with these drugs .

    • No it couldn’t be or isn’t MY kids , cause we raised them right. We taught them to respect THEMSELVES, think for themselves & not be a “lemming ” & listen to anyone who tries to TELL or DIRECT them into some crappy bullshit being tossed around by others.

  • This is heartbreaking. We were raising our granddaughters little daughter for nine years and then she got pg again!! Other grandparents have him. She is so addicted to drugs, she is now doing meth s well. We have done all we can do for her, as well as others. She just won’t stay on a program after detox. My heart is broken into and it is affecting my whole life as well. Addicts just don’t seem to realize family pain or don’t care. Their only strength can come from God and their own willpower.

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