Nissan unveils ‘Office Pod Concept’ vehicle [Video]


  • Automaker Nissan has unveiled ‘Office Pod Concept’ vehicle, a camper van that would blend well with travelers who are working mobile.
  • The vehicle was a customized, innovative version of Nissan’s NV350 Caravan model.
  • The company unveiled its new concept vehicle as part of Tokyo’s Auto Salon this year.

Nissan introduced its pandemic-era-inspired vehicle, a camper van that is suitable for people who want to “work from anywhere.” 

The company’s concept vehicle, known as Office Pod Concept, features a retractable office that is composed of cozy desk space with an improvised Cosm chair by US furniture-maker Herman Miller. It would be perfect for mobile workers and digital wanderers.

For privacy, the working space can remain inside the pod with closed doors. It also has ambient lights that yield a modern feel and electric shades to assist the worker’s eyes.

With just a tap from the app, the pod would be dragged out in seconds. The trunk door goes up which instantly becomes a cover. The car’s rooftop can also be converted into a relaxing space where the worker can lie down.

Nissan’s concept vehicle was a customized model of NV350 Caravan, which the company released in 2012 and currently being sold at around 2.3 million to 4 million yen in Japan.

New features include a glove box with a UV antibacterial lamp. This could sanitize personal stuff such as phones and wallets. The vehicle’s floor, which is made from transparent polycarbonate, would allow the passenger to see the view of the vehicle’s bottom.

“For the past year, (the) coronavirus pandemic has significantly accelerated the work-from-home trend and many office workers are now having a variety of issues working home,” Nissan wrote in press materials shared with CNN. “Nissan wants to solve these issues by giving those workers more choice of where and how they work.”

The Japanese automaker does not consider selling the design to the public, but it is planning to make some custom-made parts up for grabs in the market.

The unveiling was made in participation to 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon, though the launching had commenced online given the resurgence of COVID-19 infections in the nation’s capital.


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