NJ Officials Track Down Coronavirus Patient Who Gave Fake Information and Left the Hospital [Video]


  • Are we going to be treated like criminals now?
    We cant trust our elected officials to tell us the truth of what’s really going on but if we show up and test positive and leave they’re going to hunt you down?
    Was the lady told she was positive or did they test her and just leave her in the dark for so long that she just left?

    • Wake up folks. these are life and death situations. A Typhoid Mary released into the public can kill thousands. Might interest everybody to know that the National Guard, upon being deployed, will have shoot to kill orders for people like this–even those resisting their orders. Also, doctors will be assigned the authority to decide which patients are withheld from being given medical services. Good luck to all!

    • What are you a defense attorney for her or something? The problem is that she knowingly gave false credentials, not the fact that they went to find her. Fine, use your language, “Track her down.” Used scent hounds too, cops on horseback, whatever. They must not have the tests that are out there that give almost immediate results. NJ and NY are on total lock down, the worst spots in the country. People are supposed to stay at home, or in her case after being tested, return immediately home. If they do have the fast tests, and she was supposed to wait there for the results and just bolted, that’s even worse. It only makes sense if she has outstanding warrants for some criminal offenses. Otherwise, a big WTF.

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