Nurse uses TikTok to educate people about death and hospice work

Hospice nurse reveals phenomenon that happens before patients die [Video]


  • A hospice nurse from California is educating TikTok users about death.
  • The nurse also dispels myths and misinformation about hospice care.
  • Having nearly two decades’ worth of experience, the nurse has become viral for her knowledgeable videos.

Julie, a hospice nurse from Los Angeles, in California, is using TikTok to educate people about the many facets of death.

Julie was an ICU nurse for nine years before working in a hospice for around five years. She educates her TikTok followers about hospice care, terminal illnesses, and death.

She said that she loves educating patients and families, providing some comfort, and assuring anyone who has second thoughts about hospices.

Julie said, “Helping them to understand what to expect is another part of my job as a hospice nurse.”

While everyone experiences death differently, most people who die naturally show the same signs and symptoms, which are part of the “actively dying phase.”

In one of her latest videos, she talked about some of the normal things that happen during one’s final days. Changes in consciousness, breathing, and skin color, as well as fevers and terminal secretions, may appear abnormal, but are actually normal towards the end.

“These are normal and NOT painful or uncomfortable,” she added. “Our bodies take care of ourselves at the end of life – the less we intervene, the better.”

Julie also clears up some common misconceptions about hospices.

In one video, she emphasized that it’s “not true” that everyone in hospices dies straight away. “Another one that’s completely not true is that hospices kill people,” she emphasized.

Julie started sharing her knowledge six months ago. She was inspired to create a TikTok account when she saw her tween nieces making a dance video.

She shared, “I want to normalize death by educating people about it. I knew I had a lot of interesting information about death and dying that most people don’t know about.”

Her heartwarming comments and obvious love for her work have led her to earn thousands of followers. She can’t believe that she now has over 429,000 followers!

Julie regularly answers people’s questions about death. One thing she shared was that people’s last words are usually “I love you” or calling out to their late parents.

“Everyone doesn’t want to talk about death, however, we all are going to die. So it’s information all of us need to know,” she said.


Source: The Sun

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