NYC Vessel at Hudson Yard Closes After Third Suicide


  • As of Wednesday afternoon, the Vessel, New York City’s popular tourist destination, is closed after a man committed suicide on the sculpture on Monday.
  • New York City Police officials confirmed that the man who jumped to his death was 21-year-old Franklin Washington whose death came just weeks after the 2nd suicide incident at the site.
  • The Vessel, according to Hudson Yards’ developing firm Related Companies, will remain closed until preventive measures that reduce further incidences of suicide, are presented to the board.

Manhattan’s Far West Side monumental tourist attraction, the Vessel, was closed to visitors following an apparent 3rd incidence of suicide on Monday since its March 2019 opening.

The man who leaped from the 150-foot structure on Monday morning was identified by police as 21-year-old Franklin Washington of San Antonio.  A New York Police Department spokesperson confirmed to PEOPLE that Washington’s injuries were “consistent with a fall from an elevated height,” and that investigations into his death are currently ongoing.

His death came weeks after a 24-year-old Brooklyn woman ended her life by leaping from the Vessel on Dec. 21, and the first suicide on February by a 19-year-old college student from New Jersey.

A rep for Related Companies, the developer of Hudson Yards, told the New York Times that the Vessel is “temporarily closed” while the development firm is consulting with suicide experts and taking measures to reduce the likelihood of more suicides at the structure.

But shortly after the suicide on Monday, the chairman of the local community board Lowell Kern told the Times that a spokesperson for Related contacted him to say the sculpture would remain closed until “further notice” and will not reopen until preventive steps are reported to the board.

According to a spokesperson for Hudson Yards, the company had been “continuously working” on safety.

“We have security and operations staff on Vessel at all times, including at the entrance and on various levels, and are continuously working closely with local emergency response agencies to further institute best practices with the safety of our guests in mind,” the spokesperson told PEOPLE.

Source: PEOPLE

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