Watch: Octopus sucks onto woman’s face as she tries to eat it alive


  • A horrifying 50-second video of a Chinese live-streaming host captured an octopus tightly attaching its tentacles on the bloggers face after attempting to eat the creature alive.
  • Once she realized the creature wouldn’t let go, the woman started freaking out and frantically pulled the tentacles off her face with all her strength.
  • Eventually, the octopus let go but left the woman’s face bloody and wounded.

A blogger in China who was keen on gaining popularity with her live-streaming short videos got what she wished for when her latest video showing her trying to eat a live octopus went horribly wrong.

Known as ‘seaside girl Little Seven’ in her platform dubbed Kuaishou, the woman screamed in pain in front of the camera as she scrambled to remove the creature’s tentacles from her face.

Typically, an octopus uses its long and strong arms to catch their prey or defend themselves from attacks. They wrap their tentacles around the other animals as their suckers firmly attach to their flesh.

According to statistics, the mature giant Pacific octopus has about 280 suckers on each arm where each contains thousands of chemical receptors.

The sea creature was already stuck onto her face at the start of the video, although the blogger did not seem afraid of it. While attempting to dislodge a tentacle from her upper lip, she can be heard telling fans “look how hard, it’s sucking.”

But when she realized that the animal still held on to her skin, she started to freak out and screamed the words ‘painful’ and ‘I can’t remove it!’. Her face was somewhat distorted as she pulled the octopus off her left cheek with all her might. Finally, the octopus gave in and let go.

As the video blogger was saying “I’ll eat it in the next video’, she became aware that her cheek was left with a bloody cut.  She was then seen on video crying, “My face is disfigured!”

According to her Kuaishou account, the woman lives in Lianyungang city and loves eating a variety of cooked seafood in her live-streaming channel that she started two weeks ago.

In a previous clip, she was heard complaining why her videos never made it on the trending topics chart.

Now she achieved her goal. Her 50-second octopus -video is now trending on China’s social media platforms where one viewer commented on Weibo: ‘She deserves it. She tried to eat the octopus and the octopus tried to eat her too.’


Source: Daily Mail Online


7 thoughts on “Watch: Octopus sucks onto woman’s face as she tries to eat it alive

  1. There are plenty of Asians who have absolutely no respect for the animals who share the world with humans and they deserve whatever they get! They’re known for murdering endangered species and using them for food, prestige (?) and any other excuses they can find out there to justify their horrific behavior! I have absolutely no sympathy for any of them and I honestly feel pleased whenever I see or hear an animal getting revenge on these moronic idiots! Yay!

  2. GOOD FOR THE OCTOPUS! Are intelligent creatures that should not be eaten alive !
    barbarians disgusting..
    That culture has no respect for living creatures at all
    They just found a dog carcass behind the Chinese restaurant in toms River

    1. You and Gail should buy a huge mirror and take a long hard look. Americans think they are superior but treat animals terribly as well. An octopus and a dog are special creatures to you? What about pigs and chickens and the fish you boil alive?

  3. I can understand this happened. Used to bottom fish off Tampa,FL and would pull up an octopus at times. They are a real problem to get off the hook, especially once they get one of their arms around your wrist.

    1. Bill, you sound like a boring old fart who needs a better hobby than torturing innocent creatures. I guess you are physically incapable of a REAL sport and intellectually incapable of a REAL game like chess or cards.

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