Ohio student, suspended for staying in classroom on national walkout day


  • I think this should go to the school board for a rulling. Especially since the boy is 18 they are walking on his constutional rights to not protest something he is not in favor of.

      • This is an all out effort by the Left (which includes Democrats) to indoctrinate and brainwash our Youth. They are acting like Nazis in my experience and humble opinion. We cannot tolerate this mindset or we will lose this Nation to Socialism/Communism.

  • Principle is stupid.Student was right did not want to go.Student did not do anything wrong.School needs metal detectors like in the courthouse, Air Port.They need security men armed,policemen.Policemen should be outside the school and inside the school.Principle is responsible for safety at school.
    Principle is learning so slow , was not enough fo him/ her Florida shooting.Was not enough an example.Principle still is in another word.Wake up one day can be too late.METAL DETECTOR INSTALL.

  • He was not suspended for not walking out. He was suspended because he did not follow directions and go to the study hall provided. Every student knows they cannot be left in a classroom unattended. Regardless if he is 18 he is still a student and the school is responsible for him. If he had gotten injured and no supervision was present, his parents would not have cared if he was 18 or not, they would have seemed legal counseling. The school was making sure he was suppose to be where there was staff supervision which was in the study hall room. The suspension was because he did not follow directions and go to the study hall provided.

    • Ok the student did not follow directions.
      Why didn’t the school officials put him in jail for not following simple directions. I tell you what this issue is like a double edge sword. Dam if you do or Dam if you don’t. However, I think the the majority is making the call (extreme Democrats ) I really think he should of followed directions but I think the 18 year old has rights. Like people pointed out earlier the American citizen -student has legal rights under the amendment. The school officials has no right to take that away from him. Hope the school remorse for there wrong doing and justice will prevail.

  • Protest outside the school do not help.Protest is only for showing that school do something.Principle do not put big effort to put safety in school.Principle put more stress on students doing protest.Student must be free from stress coming to school.Sick students go to school and can bring guns.Who is checking students? They can fallow school directions but gun can be in their pocket.

  • Who scheduled the walkout? Was it the students or the school administrators? Look, if the kid stayed in the classroom where his scheduled class was & the teacher wasn’t there to teach isn’t it the schools fault? They should have had teachers in the classrooms for kids that just wanted to goto school, otherwise they are forcing the students to be political. Especially By only giving them 2 options of where to go, which by choosing one put them into a certain politcal group, really wasn’t fair. No suspension should have been issued. Sounds like this kid was the only one who did what he was actually required to do, go to class. I understand safety issues but come on, sounds like the school dropped the ball on this.

  • If the media had told the school they were not going to cover the walk out, there would not have been any walk out and this would have never happened in the first place. The media needs to stay out of all the BS that’s going on have not encourage kids to conduct walkouts where they know they will be on national TV. If you think about it, the media is what’s causing all this violence that we see on TV.

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