Outback server fired after online rant about not getting a tip


    • Couldn’t have said it better. And she DID get paid…her salary whatever that was. She had no contact with the people who ordered, not like she was waiting on them at a table. I wouldn’t have tipped either and I’m a good tipper. Tired of hearing people complain about not getting tipped…find a different line of work. What restaurant would hire someone who did what she did. GL though.

      • Your comment is insane. She did all kinds of work for those people. You should check into what servers get paid by the restaurant. If it was like a cook or other employee that would be different. It shows when the church got back to her and tipped her. They knew it had been overlooked. The proof is in the pudding. I won’t be eating there anymore. Not if that is how they treat employees.

        • She deserved a tip for that many orders. I wouldn’t ever eat at outback again for firing this lady. This is my right.
          You are so right Larry she did so much work for Outback what getting paid 2.00 an hour. Outback should paid their employees more money any ways.

      • Bullshit you’re a good tipper. You suck. I give curbside 10%. Inside I give more. There’s a restaurant near me that adds a small $2 fee for the kitchen. I think that’s a great idea.

    • Since when is a tip expected for carry out? That would insinuate every fast food cashier should be tipped. The real problem is chain restaurants can deduct 15% of gross sales from a waitress’s hourly wage which equates to less than $2 an hour wage. Get the labor department to force minimum wages for waiters and waitresses!!

      • She should get tip, it was big order & took her away from waitin on others , the norm is gettin a order in a big restraunt u do tip, duh not l like a drv thru fast food place where u dont leave a tip there,i always tip , the bagger at the grocery store, at Luby’s even though u walk thru u your self but they R trainined to come by u table to C if u needed any thing or more, they dont make much and rely on their tips

    • You’re wrong Anon. If you have a customer at the bar that stiffs you, that’s one thing. To prepare things for 75 and have it consume almost your entire shift is a completely different story.

    • I agree that tips are not required, BUY they are customary and it’s rude to not tip – especially, when we all know that wait staff receive very low wages.

    • I’ve never had a bad experience with a waiter there, but I have with the cook and the quality of their steaks. The waiter always deserved a tip!

  • What makes you think you should have got s tip? It’s not mandatory and then you complain your tips were low that night because of the Church’s order? It couldn’t be cause of your sorry ass attitude or your poor service? Would you like some cheese to go with that wine!

    • Maybe you should try it some time! She spent most of her shift packing up fifty takeout meals, not serving them. Waitstaff works for less than $3 an hour. Instead of being ‘one of those people’, how about you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?

      • This is all BS.
        1. Waiters should be on same wage as others. Protest to the DOL.
        2. Normally people don’t tip on carry out.
        3. Restaurant needs to apply tips applied to carry out the same as automatic tips due to multiple people in ones party. Usually 8 or more has tip added.

    • You apparently have no clue as to what it takes to work in the restaurant business. Try it sometime and you will sing a different tune. You seem to be one of those people who likes to kick a man or woman when they are down. A sign of weak character.

    • You are an idiot. ALL wait people depend on tips because their hourly wage is very low. All people who eat at restaurants know this and most, except cheapskates like you, leave a tip which corresponds to the quality of service, i.e. 10 to 20 % of the check. You are the sorry ass idiot.

    • I doubt it was poor service, and if it was, how could she have the time to give them a lot of attention due to preparing 75 orders. People have to realize that servers rely on tips because of the low hourly wage they receive. The restaurants figure that most of their pay will come rom tops. If this is the case, then tips are expected

    • I’m so tired of being expected to pay for these people to have a job. I think that 10% is plenty ,not 20% or 30% just for the little bit that they do for you. Everyone should stop tipping all together. Then the wait staff would all quit. Then let’s see what the restaurant does. It can’t survive without a wait staff. Meals are all ready expensive.

  • She worked most of her shift preparing one order that she received nothing for instead of working other orders where she would have received tips. Service people depend on tips to make up for the low pay they get from employers like outback. If anything this was the manager’s fault. He should have been overseeing this job and rotating workers so that the entire responsibility didn’t affect one person if the result was no tip. But to have a clause in a “contract” in an extremely low paying job of non- disclosure, is a suspicious way of controlling your employees, especially on their own time. It’s one thing to expect proper comportment when dealing with the public in the restaurant , but it’s another thing to curtail free speech when people are on their own time.

  • The tip should have been included on the bill. Basically, the church is a non profit organization that relies on members contributions as their sole source of income. Just imagine what would happen if they do not receive contributions to pay their obligations! Tipping is the same concept. This young lady should not have been fired! Where is the Pastor and why didn’t the Pastor simply go to the restaurant and resolve this misunderstanding? I honestly think this situation was mishandled!

  • any restaurant has the right to demand that the employees will not embarrass a customer for its carelessness in giving a tip. like one other said it goes with the territory! there are just those people who don’t like to tip; however, it is a small percentage. If I were the church I would not want to go back to that restaurant!. its all about life. One day you get the “BEAR” and one day the “BEAR” gets you.

  • Companies have social media policies and complaining about a customer clearly violated Outbacks. I work with the public and everyone in our company has signed an agreement acknowledging we under understand company rules on social media posting. She should have gone to management with her issues, normally there is an automatic minimum tip added to large orders.

  • I reckon I am the dinosaur in the room. I started working in the food industry when the hourly wage was .87 cents! We RELIED on our tips for gas money to at least get to our job! Large call-in orders back then received an automatic 10% tip added to the bill. What happened to common decency? Recently we went to a late supper at an IHOP, we waited to be seated in an empty restaurant for over 10 minutes before I collected our menus, found a booth with a heat register to sit under, stuck my head in the double doors and had to ASK for service! The girl FINALLY came out with utensil packs and our water. Then disappeared for another 10 minutes. We were STILL the only customers! She came took our order, 30 minutes have lapsed since we got there. So my spouse orders a double cheeseburger, fries, double irder. I order ctrawberry creamcheese crepes. Our order arrives in 15 minutes but she brings my spouse a side of waffles (unordered). I tell him to wait, she comes back past our booth and I motion her over and ask,”Where did the waffles come from?” She said,”He ordered them.” I told her he did not. 3 waffles are $13.39 , $5.39 for the first and $4.00 for each additional waffle!! I made her take them back. By this time we have been here an hour, 3 other customers have come in and were pounced on right away! My reasoning was telling me it was due to them being groups of males! Then even AFTER ALL THAT LOUSY service my spouse tips her 15% and I hear her tell the night manager, “All those people before that couple got here and those 5 groups of men, they were the only people who tipped me!” I am in the alcove at the double doors when I hear this, I step in and told her, ” I f it were up to me, you would be paying for our meal because you are a lousy waitress! You ran to those men, flirting, while we seated ourselves, got our menus, asked for water. Then HE tips you! FOR WHAT? You saw a middle aged cuople and made assumptions as to who we are. You OUGHT to pay us for tolerating your neglect.”

  • I Always leave a good tip unless the waiter or waitress never comes back to refill the drinks or ask if we need anything else there were times I had to get up and get my own napkins and silverware
    I know those employees don’t make much money but do your job and you should be compasated

  • I imagine this church group doesn’t pay tithes and offerings either! To assemble this large an order calls for a tip! And if the above comments don’t recognize this, you don’t have any manners! This waitress deserved a very good tip, be it in restaurant or take out!

  • There was no reason to mention the name of the restaurant or the name of the church. She chose to do so and embarrassed both parties. Yes she should have been compensated for the time she lost on the order but instead of speaking to management she write and posted on the subject that embarrassed the employer and left them no choice but to let her go. It’s hard to work in the service field and you should expect times like these to happen…just rise above it. Otherwise your in the wrong line of work.

  • Yes the church should have (and finally did) left a tip. I worked as a courier for 16 years and got THREE tips for delivering the goods. Why? Not because I was a lousy courier, but because when the customer called our office with an order, they would ask them if they wanted to include a “tip.” 90% of them did – usually 5-10% of the delivery charge. But ALL of that tip went to the office workers, not me. Shameful. Once in a great while a customer would say that they left a tip for me. I said “thank you, but I don’t get a penny of it.” They would always be stunned. So from then on they would leave no tip when they called in. That’s what I would have done.

  • Gee, I call a pizza place and order a pizza and go pick it up and I haven’t ever thought of tipping? I go to Panda Express and get a meal and don’t tip. If I sit down and a person serves my meal and refills my coffee I tip the person. I tip my barber. Very confuseing. If I pump my own gas should I tip the person that takes my money? I think this person had two jobs. One as a server where I would tip, and one as putting together take out meals where I probably would not tip. Do you tip the person that cooked the food? Very confusing. I don’t think she should has posted about them. Why didn’t she confront them when they paid?

  • Outback food is crappy. I hope she gets a job at a fine dining establishment. Tips will be better, and church people don’t eat at high end places. They are more like Longhorn on Sunday after services.

  • “God so loved the world, he didn’t send a committee.” The church group expected someone else to handle the tip, or the person who picked it up, didn’t have $110-$146 on hand. The error was amended. I’m glad it was a church group because after the fact they forgave the lady for publically embarrassing them, and offered additional help. Her behavior was irresponsible because she was hired under certain conditions. She didn’t receive what she expected and complained about he loss publically. Her attitude not only cost her that particular tip, it cost any additional tips from that place of employment; and her attitude will cost her in the future if she is given an opportunity to continue in that line of work. Obviously she didn’t know about the scripture that instructs: “let all things be done without complaining and murmuring.”

  • Obviously, some of you haven’t waitressed. You have to realize she and they work on hourly wage with some restrictions…It’s not the same as yours. they count on those tips to make up their wage….If they don’t get it the night has been for naught….I was lucky to work where I did….the folks who came in always tipped and I made out well.why is it when you are not involved you can find all kinds of things to see wrong…. Lucy

  • Again wait staff gets screwed because restaurants can deduct 15% of their gross sales from their hourly wage. That Department of Labor rule (dated in the 1970s) can put a wait staff paycheck at a take home wage less than $1.00 per hour! Bring minimum wage rules to the restaurant business!

  • i would be upset too. at least she posted her feelings outside of work and not to the customers directly which would be in poor taste. people should realize tips help these people survive with today’s economy and pay rates… i am actually ashamed of Outback for not supporting their employee. these people work hard and deserve respect. i always give tips not using a tip calculator or just a couple of dollars. i give $5,$10, etc. depending on the meal. a tip of $3.50 is just sad. if i had spent $70-80 in a dinner i would of tipped $15-20 in return for good service.


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