Oxford University Professor Believes Aliens are Breeding with Humans to Save Earth


  • After what we have experienced with this government these last few years Im pretty sure there is some sort of mind control going on to make people believe that trump is a good president . This is insane .

    • President Trump is an excellent president maybe you should see a mental professionalist immediately. Evidently you’ve been brainwashed by the new socialist party. All I see from people like you is insulting the president and as you do you insult 63 million people like me that voted for him. I take offense of people like you if you have something to say about the president’s policy say it. but I see nothing wrong with his policies. You didn’t like Obama because he locked up illegal immigrants but that’s the law. if you don’t like the law the Democrats should have changed the law as the Democrats had both the houses. they did not change the laws to let illegal immigrants come into this country. If you remember there was pictures of children in cages from his administration there weren’t no pictures from the Trump administration of kids in cages. I remember they put the pictures up saying they were from the Trump administration and when they found out they weren’t. within a matter of hours the pictures were taken down and never heard of again and no apology to the president yet accusing him of something he didn’t do. kind of like this whole political sideshow we got going on now. the new communist socialist Democrat party has stated from the day he took office they were going to impeach him and try to remove him from office. I look forward to seeing the president being found innocent in the Senate because there is no evidence of wrong-doing. And a landslide for his second term.

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