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Oyster Shells and Plastic Bottles: The New Sustainable Fashion Trend



Here’s the scoop!

  • Long Wharf Supply Co. makes sweaters from recycled oyster shells and plastic bottles.
  • The sales of the sweaters benefit the MA Oyster Project, which aims to “seed” recycled oyster shells back into the ocean, where they create substrate for baby oysters.
  • Each sweater can reseed up to 30 oysters, which naturally filter up to 1,500 gallons of seawater every day.

A Massachusetts-based company, Long Wharf Supply Co., is revolutionizing the fashion industry by creating eco-friendly sweaters made from oyster shells and recycled plastic bottles. The Seawell Collection features sweaters made from four to five oyster shells and around eight recycled water bottles, which comes as a shock to customers, according to founder Mike Lamagna.

The idea for the Seawell Collection came from the need to combat two significant environmental problems: plastic pollution in the ocean and toxic oyster shells in landfills. Lamagna explains that water bottles are one of the most significant sources of ocean pollution, while oyster shells sent to landfills break down slowly, releasing toxic chemicals.

Through the sales of the sweaters, Long Wharf Supply Co. is able to support the MA Oyster Project, an initiative that “seeds” recycled oyster shells back into the ocean. These shells create substrate for baby oysters, which filter the ocean water naturally.

Lamagna highlights the environmental impact of each sweater, stating that “every piece can reseed up to 30 oysters, which will naturally filter up to 1,500 gallons of seawater every single day.” This initiative is a great example of how businesses can work towards sustainable solutions, making a positive impact on the environment.


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