Packers’ Davante Adams, David Bakhtiari back Aaron Rodgers amid tension with management


  • Despite his continuous absence in Green Bay Packers’ workouts, Aaron Rodgers is supported by his friends and teammates Davante Adams and David Bakhtiari.
  • Adams said that he could also leave if Rodgers decides to formally abandon the team.
  • Bakhtiari hoped that Rodgers would stay, but noted that he will continue to support the quarterback whatever decision he makes.

As Aaron Rodgers’ holdout became official following his absence during the Green Bay Packers three-day mandatory camp, he found allies in his teammates ━ left tackle David Bakhtiari and wide receiver Davante Adams.

While Rodgers rift with the Packers’ front office has “divided our [the team’s] fanbase” according to organization president Mark Murphy, both Adams and Bakhtiari were vocally supportive of their friend’s predicament.

After voicing out his “special connection” with the reigning MVP and noting that Rodgers’ departure could also mean his, Adams reiterated his stance on Tuesday.

Should the Packers not give Adams a contract extension, this season could be his final year with the team. Nonetheless, Adams, who leads the league in touchdown catches and receiving yards per game and has four Pro Bowls catching passes from Rodgers, is set to be one of the highest-paid receivers in the NFL.

On the other hand, Bakhtiari expressed his hopes that the quarterback would remain on the team, but noted that he would still continue to support Rodgers on wherever path he would take.

“For me, I care about Aaron Rodgers from a friend’s perspective,” the left tackle said Tuesday. “Whatever he wants to do, whatever the situation that comes out, I will never hold any grudge against him. That is my friend. That is someone that I have appreciated, and he has done a lot for this organization and a lot for me as an individual.”

“Now, as a teammate I would be idiotic to say that I don’t want the MVP back. He’s the MVP of the league last year. He’s done amazing things from the quarterback perspective, our quarterback position, but not only for the franchise. So absolutely,” Bakhtiari added.

Similar to Adams, Bakhtiari’s accolades ━ like being a three-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro as Rodgers’ main guard in the field ━ were also considered as NFL’s best.

While Adams and Bakhtiari have publicly backed their friend and teammate, it remains to be seen how the other teammates take on the tension.

Source: AOL

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