Parents arrested after police found 13 siblings chained in California home


  • Those parents or so called parents keeping those poor children chained up and starving should be punished for life no possibility of parole.
    I really pray all those kids get the Help and Love they deserve God please look after all those siblings

  • I really hope those so called parents get what they deserve in prison for life
    I pray all those children get the help they need it will take years for those kids to live a normal life if that’s possible
    I hope while in prison those pieces of shit get what they deserve

  • Those ” Animal’s” deserve to be put in jail and given the same treatment that they gave to those poor children😢💔 But our judicial system would call that ‘cruel and unjust treatment’!!! 😡😡😡 Then I hope that they get let out in with the general population- they wait for Animal’s like that!!! They will take care of them very slowly I hope😡😡😡

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