Parents Threw Hot Oil on Teen Daughter For Refusing Forced Marriage


  • Note that the words “Islam” or “Muslim” are never used in this article, whereas the Huffington Post reporting on the child abuse involving the Turpin family used the word “Christian” repeatedly — the implication being, by omission in this case and by inclusion in the Turpin case, that selling a child to become the household slave and sex slave of an older man under the cover of “marriage” is unrelated to their Muslim religion, while by association the Turpins’ abuse of their children was somehow a result of their Christian religion.

  • Ship them back for what? So that the abuse can continue with the blessing of the leadership. What would have happened to that poor girl if she were not here?

    • It’s never going to stop, its their culture, they believe in a sea of honey and a bunch of virgins. They shouldn’t be here in USA. Send them back.

  • My question is, why did she have to get to the point f having hot cooking oil poured on her before anyone intervened on her behalf? Was being beaten and choked not enough? I was raised in an abusive home and beatings leave marks. Back then the laws were far more protective of the parents. Are we still so lax that a young woman can be abused to this point (in the legal world assault and battery would apply) and no one does anything? It’s pathetic that fifty years later and this still goes on, although in my case we were God fearing Southern Baptists. Abysmal!

  • This has got to stop! If they come to USA they should be made to live under our laws and obey them or go to jail just like the rest of us.
    If they don’t get jail time, then they should be shipped back to Iraq and never allowed to return.

  • No one in their right mind can associate Islam as a peaceful religion. It is a satanic culture as has been demonstrated repeatedly for over 1400 years. This crap advocates child rape and treats women like cattle.

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