Family of Passenger Who Died on Flight Sues American Airlines


  • Had she been diving while in Hawaii? It sounds like DCS (decompression sickness) and pulmonary embolism is a less-common effect of it (about 2%) There’s precious little equipment on-board to help in that situation. I’ve treated people on cross-country flights as a volunteer and the kits meet ICAO and FAA standards but are not very comprehensive. Overwater is the worst situation as there is nowhere is quickly divert.
    It’s a truly sad outcome.

  • An emergency such as a pulmonary embolism is not one that the flight attendants could treat.
    Who knows the reason why the captain did not land immediately, possibly because they were flying over the ocean. This is a tragedy, so sad, but I do not think the airline should be sued. Airplanes are not set up to be an ER, and flight attendants are trained to provide basic emergency care, such as cpr and provide oxygen.

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