Passenger with disability says Southwest denied him to use a medical device


  • What happens if there is severe unavoidable turbulence while in flight! Fragile bones will break for sure. Good call as for the prevention of a probable liability lawsuit against the airline.

  • Who ever wrote that is mentally disturbed is it always about money .the poor guy has zero quality of life and was possibly going to see a doctor for his Condition and that’s the best you can come up with . You should be ashamed of yourself !!!!

  • At one point it sounds like he has an accompanying caregiver that will do most of the transitioning. The regulation says the airline is required to assist. To me that sounds like it’s on an as needed basis. So they don’t need to do much of anything if it’s being handled by a professional caregiver. Their further assistance would be more inline with ensuring the plane interior is accessible and ensuring the upcoming flight is held so it’s not missed. My mom had a situation where they delayed the flight to get her onboard.

    • As a further note, since most law enforcement personnel are so bent on using excessive force, with the conditions he has he’s in more peril from them than any loading hazards. He could have the doctor’s statement tattooed on his forehead and they wouldn’t take time to read it. I saw a video of a handicapped person in Walmart where police were called and in the end they had to feel the need to force him to the ground from a wheelchair. He is further injured from that and their actions to handcuff him. The long and short of it is law enforcement has no regard for current conditions of an individual.
      A deaf person didn’t understand police instructions and was slammed to the ground. Reign them in and hold them accountable, PLEASE!

  • This might sound cold, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. While we can all sympathize with this man’s plight and the airline’s lack of familiarity with the Eagle Lift, we’ve been bending over backwards to accommodate the handicapped at the expense of all other’s safety. This is the same for people with screaming unruly small children. Why not schedule special flights for handicapped and people who can’t control their kids? Might be relegated to two flights per week, but this special group should accept the fact that their conditions are hampering travel and business, not to mention peace of mind and safety for everyone else. What happens if the plane has to be evacuated?

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