This pill can make your farts smell so good


  • A fart pill was invented by a French man after his dinner guests nearly suffocated with the smelly gas he was releasing after a very hearty meal.
  • Named PilulePet, the pills were developed in 2007 by product creator Christian Poincheval who claimed the pills came from natural ingredients.
  • The product is said to change the smell of your farts from rotten to aromas like violet, rose and chocolate and others.

Have you ever been caught up in those situations when your bottom burps smelled of rotten eggs or some other rotten substance? Well, thanks to a pill called Pilulepet, your trumps can now start smelling like chocolate or actual roses.

French man Christian Poincheval suddenly came up with the idea after his dinner guests couldn’t stand his extremely smelly farts following a particularly foul smelling meal.

“We were at a table with friends after a copious meal when we nearly asphyxiated ourselves with our smelly farts. That gas wasn’t great for our table neighbors, so something had to be done about this,” recalled Chistian.

And so, Lutin Malin (Cunning Imp), his company, was created.

In 2007, he began developing the pills, which he claims is a dietary supplement sourced from natural ingredients.

“The fart pill is the result of lengthy research and trials and is on sale since 2007. Our fragrant variants also add a touch of humour for any occasion,” according to his website. It also added that the best proof of how effective the pills are, are their numerous returning customers.

The product currently sells for a retail price of about £17 per bottle but some packs are now on sale for £13.52. Its scents include Christmas chocolate, May Day lily, St Valentine’s ginger, violet and rose.

And there’s more! Your dogs can benefit from this product too! Fart powder is also being offered in their website.

Gone are the days when you have to roll down the car windows when going out in long trips with your pets. The product description reads that the pill is a natural food supplement for “pets that fart.”

All of the products are shipped from Paris. Shipping to the UK is free and comes with a total discretion assurance so your neighbors will never know what you’ve ordered.

Source: Mirror

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