Police Found $63k Stashed In Ceiling Of Priest’s Home


    • Seriously! He belongs in jail! Bishop’s permission or not, that’s stealing money the parishioners worked hard for to donate to the church and school; not to build an 11,000 square ft house. There such a thing as knowing wrong from right. How convenient that the only witness is dead. Why was the money stashed above the basement ceiling wrapped in bundles and labeled for the church and school and not in a bank like others would do?

  • I am not trying to vindicate the priest here, however, there seem to be facts missing; Sixty-three thousand is not five million. If his house is valued at One million, that may not be extraordinary depending upon the neighborhood he lives in. He admits a certain Bishop said it was permitted to use charity funds for his house. Is this within the organization’s rules about charitable funds? Labeling the bills for deposit means nothing; he could have used the bands that were already stamped for his own bills. What if he used the band for monopoly money, would that also be stealing? The bands do not define the purpose of the funds. There must have been more evidence to warrant a search warrant and this news outlet is not telling.

  • More Catholic trash! They turn a blind eye to the children they abuse and now they’re turning a blind eye to this! Shame! But it’s OK if you do it in the name of God apparently.

  • It was suggested that the only witness is deceased. I would assume that reference is to the bishop who allegedly gave him permission to use the money. I can see how the bishop might have responded to the priest’s complaints of wanting to build a house but lacked the funds by allowing to use some of the church’s funds, but certainly not to the tune of 5 mil.

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