Police sergeant who was told to “tone down” his “gayness” was awarded $19 million in discrimination lawsuit


  • I think it is totally ridiculous, that anyone would be awarded that amount of money because he was passed over for a promotion. The judge that allowed this to happen in his court, has rocks for brains. Here is a sinner who is well on his way to hell, being given an amount of money, for his satanist ways. This christian country has gone to the dogs and the dogs don’t want it. That is why President Trump was elected over witch Hillary Clinton. People are tired of the government going a muck, it is time for the people to take back our country. Get out and vote for people that want to abide by our constitution , not ones that want to ruin it. Just listen to what is being said on the conservative internet spokespersons and the conservative news station to get the truth.

  • Well, like they told the gay guy, tone it down. “Free speech” means you can say what you want, but we all have to keep in mind we’re in a public forum. Just like you wouldn’t want to make out with your wife in a public setting, gays and others need to exercise similar restraint. For the record, we’re all sinners, and no one is better than anybody else. You have a right to your beliefs and you have an obligation to witness. Just remember Jesus, a way better person than any of us, didn’t throw stones. For myself, I pity people who are so hollowed-out that they consider their sexual behavior to be the heart of their existence. God gave it to us for procreation and recreation, not obsession.

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