McCarrick Sex Abuse Scandal Prompts Pope Francis to Meet US Bishops

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  • Being raised a Roman Catholic by Irish Parents & having gone through Parochial Schools, I am totally disgusted with what has been going on behind the scenes of my Church. When I was very young someone told me that the Italians made Church Law & the Irish followed it. Thank God my Faith is in God & not these men.

  • I am a catholic who married into a totally non catholic family and raised my children catholic along with the help of my non catholic husband. This scandal in the church shames me right down to my boots. I can’t even look at my in-laws without feeling so much shame.

    I believe in God and NOT in these men but unfortunately these men represent the catholic church to the entire world. There are many wonderful priest in the church and for these men I feel sad. The conduct of these fallen priest cast a shadow on all the good men who try so how to stand in the footprint of God. To all the members of the clergy who have covered this situation up….Shame and my God forgive you for I know none of us will.

    • You have nothing to be ashamed of but I fully understand since I am in the same situation. I went to all cCatholic schools taught for 2 years there. It is a shame of all the things that goes on in the Catholic Church and it is covered up. Those priests are simple moved to a new Parrish and continue with their bad behavior. The Catholic Church is not open to any new ideas…. simple allow the priests to get married. They are humans who have the same feelings we have LLET THEM GET MARRIED. all other churches do and that will stop a lot of that nonsense.

    • It is high time to rethink and allow the priest in the catholic church to marry. It is sensless, to have these man, be denied of something,that is part of a healthy and normal life. Perhaps it will even make them a better Priest, actually going through the ups and downs of an everyday reral life. They will not dream of sex, or turn to boys, who’s life they ruin for ever to come.

  • Why you think getting married will stop the feelings of homosexuality. I can’t figure out…if that would solve it..than we wouldn’t have the gay parade…..much deeper than that. This is a bad time for all of us. And we know that nothing will bring down the church of Jesus Christ. Not even satan. Over forty years ago the Blessed Virgin Mary said the “Church would go through a period of hard times w the priests.”. We have many good holy priests. ..the scandal represents only less than 1%. Stand firm alongside Jesus and his church….God Bless you.

    • It is silly to compare the gayparade to homosexsuality in the church. Sex is a normal part of life. One may deny the necessaty of it, but when you put all that ” sexualy starved ” healthy man together, out of neccessaty, it has to lead to something as disgusting as ” homosexuality” I believe, that they should be married, like the Protestants, Babtist, and the priest of many other religion. Also the idea of NUNS, not living a normal life is just ridicules. This trend is recent in the history of the catholic church, let’s go back to normal….. Many priests who did not become homosexsualss, all have girlfriends, . Many keep contact with widows, and nuns. It is far better, than making them sick with these homosexsual idiots, surrounding them and taking advantage of them, with all that stupid mambo jumbo, about celibacy..

    • by the way your number of 1% ,and that Alon is far too much. I do not know where it comes from, but it is way to far from the truth. The church opposes marriage, because of the payments, they would have to make to widows and children of the priests. But that is a fallacy. The money, they spend annually, /it was said to be over a 100 million dollars/ to shut people up and keep them from talking would be more than sufficient to take care of the widows and the their children. And where is ” LOVE” in all this ??

  • I am very happy that I removed my self from that religion and did not raise my children as Catholics. I began to see the hypocrisy surrounding the Catholic Church shortly after graduating from a Catholic High school in 1959.
    Many of the issues I disagreed with as they confronted me, a devout black catholic women. To think those men were insisted on us following many laws that they themselves could not keep.
    Will the church survive? I think so. They have spread their doctrine over Europe, South and North America and now they are in Africa, where the population is poor, uneducated and gullible.

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