Racist Graffiti Covers Restaurant After Owner Speaks Out Against Lifting Pandemic Restrictions [Video]


  • Texas Governor Abbott announced that the state would be loosening its mask mandate and COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Noodle Tree restaurant owner Mike Nguyen reacted that the governor is “selfish” and “cowardly”.
  • His restaurant was then plastered with racist graffiti that included a “ramen noodle flu”.

Noodle Tree usually opens at noon.  But due to “an incident”, it delayed its opening for an hour.  From photos, the “incident” referred to red graffiti phrases on its windows that included “commie,” “no mask,” “ramen noodle flu”, “kung flu,” and “hope u die”.

The vandalism came after restaurant owner Mike Nguyen was interviewed on CNN.  He said that Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) decision to lift coronavirus restrictions such as wearing a mask in the state was “cowardly” and “selfish”.

In the interview, Nguyen also said, “Greg Abbott doesn’t have the Texas people’s interests in play. He only cares about himself at this point.”

Nguyen relayed that the Noodle Tree was only reopened because restaurant bills were piling up.  Covid-19 restrictions have closed the restaurant for nearly six months.

And then Governor Abbott announced that the imposed business capacity restrictions and the mandate on masks could be dropped or loosened.

This ruling of the governor would disallow local governments from carrying out their own mask rules and implementing them. Businesses would also be restricted from carrying out their own mask requirements.

Current rules require restaurant staff and crew and their clients to mask up inside the establishment.

A judge in the City of Austin in Texas initially ruled for its city officials when Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed a case against them when they used a workaround to maintain a mandate in place.

The governor’s announcement drew criticisms including that from President Biden. The President called Mississippi and Texas plans on loosening restrictions “Neanderthal thinking.”

Source: The Hill

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