Recent Cover Photo of TIME is a Picture of 958 Drones


  • Intel’s most recent drone trick graced the cover of TIME magazine.
  • TIME’s latest issue covers special reports on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more popularly known as drones.
  • But rather than use a photo of Intel’s drone team on the cover, TIME and Intel created the publication’s iconic red border and logo by using 958 drones.

TIME went to great lengths when instead of just featuring a photo of a drone or Intel’s drone team, the publication used nearly a thousand of Intel’s light-show drones themselves.

Though the amount of drones used is slightly lower than the amount used in the Olympic opening ceremony earlier this year, it’s still as impressive. Pete Pixel reported that the swarm was 100 meters (around 328 feet) tall, and hovered over Folsom, California for a moment.

The sight was phenomenal and was truly breathtaking.

“The major challenge of this particular animation is the height at which we have to fly and getting the resolution that we want in the TIME logo,” said Tim Heath, Intel’s Animation Head.

“This animation is 100 meters tall. Our ceiling is 400 feet so we have to stay within that space,” he added. “Normally, we like to keep the drones about 3 meters apart from one another. This one we were a little bit limited on space so we’re having to confine that down to 1.5 meters.”

The Intel team was also concerned about the wind and possible collision.

“The risks are that they can collide with one another while in the air because it’s gusty,” Heath said.

The cover photo was shot by a drone itself, a cinema camera on the Astraeus-flown drone. This is a first in Time‘s 95-year history. The Intel team described the event as touching.

The cover is featured on the June 11, 2018, issue of TIME magazine, which hit newsstands on June 1.

Source: Peta Pixel

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  1. They just won’t quit will they Inventors of evil things just as the holy scriptures say Woe to the inhabitants of the earth

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