Record number of men needed surgery to repair snapped penises last year


  • Penis fractures happen when the thin, fibrous sheath inside it breaks under extreme pressure or trauma.
  • Immediately, this causes the erection to subside followed by pain and swelling.
  • Sexual positions such as the dog-style and missionary positions may also cause penile injuries.

The number of men who required NHS surgery in London after breaking their penises last year reached a record high, statistics showed.

A total of 164 men were recorded to have undergone surgery to save their manhood although experts believe that this figure could be higher but a lot of men may have avoided treatment.

This number, according to The Sun, is 38 percent higher than the cases reported in 2014-15. Most of those affected by painful injuries are men in their 30s and 40s but the youngest is only 18 while the oldest was in his 70s.

Penile fractures often occur during vigorous intercourse when the penis is strongly thrust into a surface, during masturbation or if someone or something falls on it.

Sexual positions that can cause injury include the cowgirl (woman on top), dog style and missionary positions, according to a 2015 study.

Men who have been traumatized from breaking their penises often experience erectile dysfunction and painful sex.

During an erection, blood fills up and creates pressure in the corpora cavernosa — two cylinder-shaped tubes that runs along the penis — causing it to expand and become hard. The tunica albuginea, a thin membrane made of mostly collagen that surrounds the corpora cavernosa, snaps when a sharp, blunt force trauma is applied on the penis causing it to bend out of shape. In many cases, a gruesome cracking sound can be heard when it breaks.

When this occurs, erection is lost and the penis quickly becomes swollen and painful.

King’s College Hospital urologist Gordon Muir told The Sun that patients typically come in with something that looks like a ‘bruised aubergine’.  Muir added that if left untreated, there is a high risk of getting scarring leading to Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s disease is a penis problem where scar tissue forms inside the penis resulting to a bent rather than straight and erect penis. While a slight bend is normal, the disease can cause a 90-degree bend or more.

Penis fractures can be repaired with surgery where the tunica albuginea is sewed back together.


Source: Daily Mail Online

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