Recovered Coronavirus Patient Details His Experience: “It Tricks You”


  • A 27-year-old man who recovered from coronavirus detailed how the virus made him realize that nobody is immune to infection.
  • The man is a software developer working from home. He only started developing symptoms after his last grocery run.
  • His health condition regressed with his symptoms that attacked him in waves, developing migraines with the body aches, then signs of respiratory problems.

Cameron Karosis, 27 years old, from Cambridge, Massachusetts tested positive for the coronavirus even if he has been confined inside his house, working from home as a software developer and marketer HubSpot. The only time he was outside of his house was his last grocery run, after which time he developed aches in the neck that later spread throughout, a full-body ache by March 19.

His health condition regressed with his symptoms that attacked him in waves, developing migraines with the body aches, then signs of respiratory problems.

“If you are inhaling, all of a sudden you will hit this breaking point and you start coughing and it hurts like kind of in the lower part of your lungs,” Karosis said. “And then when you are not trying to breathe either deeply or shallowly, you just feel like there’s someone sitting on your chest.”

He was then tested for the coronavirus and said that he received a positive result after four days.

“It tricks you,” he said. “You have a week where you are doing poorly. You start to get better. Your fever dials back, and then it comes back with a vengeance, and that’s what happened to me.”

The severity of his case at one point, he was sent to the hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, for admission and treatment.

“When it really hit me I think was when I was in the hospital,” he said. “I started to get pretty emotional just thinking to myself, like what if I end up being intubated or something like that? Is that going to change my life?”

The doctors considered his lungs at working capacity, in no need for ventilator support. This gives the patient to choose whether to prolong his stay inside the hospital or confine himself inside his house instead. He opted to return home after his hours spent in hospital care, thinking that by doing so, he could at least save a bed for someone else who would need it more.

His condition improved completely come Thursday, April 9. Karosis set out to continue working from home Monday the following week.

Karosis intends to educate the public about the coronavirus, using his case to point out that everyone is susceptible to infection.

 “I only went to the grocery store twice,” Karosis said. “When I went, I wore gloves. I disposed of them immediately. I didn’t wear the same pair all day. And still got it. You can be healthy. You can do everything right. You can wear gloves. You can wear a mask. You can do everything right, and that doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything.”

Source: New York Post

2 thoughts on “Recovered Coronavirus Patient Details His Experience: “It Tricks You”

  1. Probably some DATES of symptoms, occurence, and reoccurence would be helpful. Or are we supposed to guess?

    1. Well, we are given March 19, then April 9, a three-week span.
      The “four days” time frame to which Mr. Karosis refers
      appears to have occurred later in March.

      I agree, “STOCKBOY”, as good as his information is,
      another date or two WOULD be nice.
      However, at least the given three weeks
      removes SOME guessing.

      Information as to pre-March 19 would help.

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