Redskins Cheerleaders Not Forced to Pose Topless for Men, Says Former Team Captains


  • It’s time to disband cheer-leading. The fad is over. It was okay years ago when they where cute little college girls well chaperoned who appeared at the games then went home but it’s gone well beyond that now. The girls are now young women who consider themselves professionals. Professional what? The law suits are rising and most of them are frivolous. Sports leagues are fighting for relevance because of the knee bending, fist waving, women beating, dope charges and dog torturing by their out of control players. The cost of the game attendance is also starting to turn the fans off. It’s more than a weeks salary for a family to attend. Do the games really need the cheer-leading distraction?

  • What does a group of under-dressed young women have to do with professional sports, or even college or High School sports?

    That said it is sad that my local highschhol team’s football tam is a local joke while our cheerleading squad wins at state championships. Money doesn’t need to be spent on losing teams or exploitation of young girls.

    Of course there was a news story about one snowflake who was offended by not making he cheer squad. Now everyone who tries out has to be accepted. Would this mean me when I was in high school as a 140 pound kid should have had the right to join the team even though I was not very athletic?

    • I hate to say today we are not making quality people who understand that rewards and greatness comes with hard work and a lot of time to be the best at what we do or planning to become,but instead who ever wants to do something will be a great person at whatever they wanted to do even if they can not compete,but have to be apart of whatever it is,no feeling hurt all get throphys and the dominant one can not be recognized for all there efforts,but when all are youth gets into the work force it’s not equal pay for those who do nothing and want that same treatment as a child.There are a lot of government jobs for them,but you know how they are doing these days!

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