Report: Jeff Bezos interested in buying Washington Football Team


  • Front Office Sports revealed on Monday that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was interested in buying shares of the Washington Football Team.
  • Bezos’ lawyer is currently in discussion with Moag & Co. banking group, the firm that handles the selling of the team’s minority shares.
  • The team’s majority owner Dan Snyder was involved in a lawsuit against some of the franchise’s minority shareholders.

According to a Front Office Sports report on Monday, Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos was considering purchasing minority shares of the NFL’s Washington Football Team.

Bezos’ lawyer was reportedly in talks with Baltimore-based banking group Moag & Co., the group involved in selling the franchise’s minority stake.

Per the outlet, the business tycoon was interested in purchasing an NFL team, signaling that “Washington could be on his private wish list.”

The revelation was made after the outlet had dug out court documents about Dan Snyder’s (Washington’s majority owner) defamation lawsuit versus Indian media firm MEA Worldwide. The papers mentioned the discussion between the banking firm and Bezos’ attorney.

The lawsuit, which was filed by Snyder in India last August, stated that MEA Worldwide linked Snyder with sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein in a series of articles that were published in July. According to Snyder’s legal counsel, the revelation was fake news and a propaganda to hurt their client’s character.

Per Front Office Sports, Snyder’s attorney also claimed that John Moag obtained “advanced knowledge” about the “corrupt disinformation campaign by, among other things, spreading malicious lies.” Moag, however, has debunked the allegations.

On a July 3rd text message which Snyder’s counsel cited, Moag said: “Keep an eye on the Redskins, it’s getting very interesting.” The receiver of the text message, who was not mentioned in the paper, said that he wished Snyder would sell shares of the organization.

It was the same day when the team declared that the “Redskins” name would be reviewed, as calls to drop their name grew back then.

The other team’s minority shareholders such as Robert Rothman, Dwight Schar, and Fred Smith, have also availed Moag’s services to lead the selling of their shares. The aggregate shares of the three holders are up to 40 percent.

Snyder was also involved in a lawsuit against the three minority holders. The federal judge in Maryland, however, ruled last December that the dispute would return to the private arbitration of the NFL.

Source: The Washington Times

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