Reports: Lebron James wears ‘secret’ Apple’s ‘Beats Studio Buds’


  • Speculations showed that Apple’s latest earphones “Beats Studio Buds” will be released soon as tech experts anticipated its features.
  • The latest Beats headphone is believed to have already been worn by NBA Superstar Lebron James.
  • Tech experts believed that the buds’ release will be announced next month during Apple’s virtual WWDC 2021 developer conference.

In a recent social media post by NBA Superstar and Los Angeles Lakers’ Lebron James, rumors appeared that he was wearing Apple’s new state-of-the-art “Beats Studio Buds” headphones.

The Beats earbuds had already been out in the public for sometime after its physical images were included in iOS 14.6 and tvOS 14.6 beta versions, per reports.

Apple, which has acquired Beats since 2014, has neither confirmed nor denied the news. Tech experts, however, believed that the new device was the one being worn by James while on his way to the NBA playoff game.

TechRadar said that the basketball King’s new buds would likely be announced by Apple next month. The earphones, which are thought to be in oval-shaped charging cases, would likely be available in red, white and black colors, and would be sold at a price tag of $249. 

Feature-wise, 9to5Mac believed that the buds would come alongside an Apple chip which would have instant pairing. It would also have the Hey Siri feature that was already present in AirPods Pro and Airpods, as reported by Techradar. The device is also anticipated to have an active noise cancellation.

Experts believed that the official release of the buds would likely be announced on June 7 (1 pm EDT), as Apple will be holding its virtual WWDC 2021 developer conference.

The company submitted an FCC report obtaining the basic design of the earphone early this week. Per reports, the earbud packaging will have the label “Beats Studio Buds.”

For those people who cannot wait for Apple’s announcement, they can directly ask the Lakers star.

Source: The Sun

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