Residents complained when Las Vegas strip club provided the homeless with tents bearing club’s logo [Video]


  • Club Deja Vu, a strip club in Las Vegas, donated clothing and tents to the area’s homeless people ahead of a new city ordinance that will ban camping on sidewalks if city shelters have room.
  • But several residents were displeased since the tents bore the logo of the club, which they condemned as “immoral.”
  • One parent complained that her kids had seen the tents and curiously asked about Deja Vu.

Some residents of Las Vegas were displeased when a strip club they viewed as “immoral” provided the area’s homeless people with clothing and tents bearing the club’s logo.

According to a report by 13 Action News, the donations were made by Club Deja Vu, which is promoted as the “#1 topless strip club in the United States.”

The club made sure to donate ahead of a new city ordinance that will ban camping on sidewalks if city shelters have room.

The club said in a statement to KTNV, “While some seem to think that the solution is a camping ban, we think that the solution is one that includes decency and kindness. We hope that others can show some humanity and do their share to take care of the most needy among us.”

“This just seems like the right thing to do during the holidays.”

However, like all things, not everybody was pleased.

One parent who lived in the area complained to 13 Action News that her kids had seen the tents while she was driving downtown with them. She said she was “taken back” by the sight, especially since her kids curiously asked about Deja Vu.

The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, proceeded to condemn the club as “immoral” and “disgusting.”

Megan Swartz, who is affiliated with the company, explained to KTNV that “the logo bears nothing provocative or inappropriate.”

Swartz added that the company regularly helps out around the community, but the stigma that surrounds its business nature remains. She said, “We’re always doing our part to help however we can.”

The city’s new camping ban is set to be enforced starting on Feb. 1, 2020.


Source: New York Post

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