Responders rescue a drowning ‘woman’, only to find out it was an adult doll [Video]


  • Emergency officials rescued a “drowning” nude woman in Hachinohe, Japan, and discovered it was a sex mannequin.
  • A YouTuber who witnessed the incident said that responders had safely rescued the sex doll.
  • One netizen attributed the incident to the illegal disposal of garbage in water.

Hachinohe, Japan ━ Emergency rescue divers responded to a report of a drowning naked woman, then eventually found out that it was just a floating female sex doll.

Kotaku reported that the incident, which happened in Hachinohe city about northeast coast of Japan last week, was documented by YouTuber Natsuki Tanaka on Twitter. Initially, they thought that they were witnessing an actual rescue operation.

“While filming a fishing video, I thought a dead body floating in the water had washed up, but it was a blow-up doll,” Tanaka tweeted last week, as he was present during the scene.

The social media influencer said that somebody had “mistakenly” identified the “drowning” woman as a real person and prompted the responding officials. The report resulted in an influx of emergency teams who came to the scene.

Photos showed several authorities which include the police, fire and rescue brigades and an ambulance, who were dredging out the waste in the water as the vicinity was surrounded with bystanders.

The sex toy was “rescued safely” afterwards, as per Tanaka.

As of now, it was unclear how the sex toy arrived in the water.

Another netizen, who also filmed the unusual incident, had pointed it to illegal dumping of oversize waste amid the nation’s strict policies about proper handling of garbage.

In another news, a Japanese company is now offering a service for people who want their sex dolls to have their own funeral. Based in Osaka, the ‘Love Doll Funeral’ service is founded by Leiya Arata.

People “love them [sex dolls] as if they were human members of their family,” Arata said.

Source: New York Post

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