Reverse zoo lets lions observe humans in cages [video]


  • GG Conservation in South Africa offers guests a truly unique opportunity to get up close and personal with lions.
  • Guests are locked in a Plexiglas cube placed in the center of the lions’ lair for about 45 minutes.
  • Proceeds from the cubes go toward funding the nonprofit, which houses many big cats.

Those must be some strong cages.

GG Conservation, a lion sanctuary, is operating a “reverse zoo,” where lions observe humans inside Plexiglas.

The sanctuary in Harrismith, South Africa, places visitors in the center of the lions’ den, granting feline fans a close encounter with 77 rescued lions.

“We have been offering this experience for almost two years now,” the director of the nonprofit wildlife park Suzanne Scott said. “The safety of both our guests and big cats is top priority.”

The unique experience costs from 2000 to 3000 South African rand (approximately $134 to $197).

“It offers the lions enrichment in the form of mental and physical stimulation — which is good for any animals in captivity,” Scott said.

Tourists are locked inside GG’s “professional photography cage” for 45 minutes every day from 6:30 am-7:15 am, weather and staff availability permitting.

“The [cage] is regularly checked by an engineer to ensure it can safely carry the weight should a lion jump on top of it,” Scott said.

Those 14-years-old and younger are not allowed to enter the cage, which accommodates up to three people at a time. The cube has several “breathing holes” for the brave tourists — but don’t worry, GG’s website says they’re too small for a lion paw.

“We cannot guarantee how the lions will react,” the site reads, “but will endeavor to ensure you have a fantastic experience.”

The sanctuary will soon welcome an additional 17 big cats recently rescued from a defunct zoo in the Middle East.

Source: NY Post

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