‘Ridiculous’ concession pricing sparked outrage from Super Bowl fans


  • Concession pricing of some items at the Miami Hard Rock Stadium during the Super Bowl LIV led to outrage among both attendees and social media users alike.
  • Fans call the pricing scheme at the sporting event “ridiculous” and borderline “illegal.”
  • This pricing is considerably more affordable in other stadiums.

Super Bowl LIV fans shelled out more than $6,000 per ticket to witness the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the San Francisco 49ers, 31-20 — but that is just before they got to the concession stands.

Food and drink prices are known to be fairly expensive at sporting events, but at Miami Hard Rock Stadium the cost of some items was a cause of outrage among both attendees and social media users alike.

Popcorn buckets were priced at $15 and a large Bud Lights cost $17, reported by the Los Angeles Times. At least one concession stand in the vicinity was selling a tenderloin sandwich for $28.

The concession pricing at the sporting event elicited a range of reactions with people online calling the situation “ridiculous” and borderline “illegal.”

“Ridiculous! Should be illegal! Ticket prices and concessions make it impossible for a lot of people to attend these events!” was captioned on a recent tweet.

“Isn’t there a law [against] price gouging?” said another Twitter user.

This, however, was not the general reaction drawn from everybody. Others pointed out that the costs were not too different from those at other major sporting events. A number of fans have also pointed out that people who could afford Super Bowl tickets were most often those who haven’t got problems with high prices.

“So the same price as every professional sporting event? Nothing really surprising here, overpriced like other venues,” one Twitter user reasoned.

“Honestly, if you’re paying $5k for a ticket, an extra $50 isn’t going to matter much to you,” says another.

“Only if somebody complains… But anybody paying all that money for tickets to the game isn’t worried at all about how much the popcorn costs… They wouldn’t even notice it,” added another.

The expensive Super Bowl prices are nothing new — fans complained in 2018 about $16 nachos and $19 cheese curds — but this does not necessarily mean that the costs this year were not comparably steep. These argument points certainly show the truth in them.

Statista reports that the average cost of one beer bottle at an NFL stadium in 2019 was approximately priced at $8.50, while soft drinks and hot dogs were close to $5 apiece. This pricing is considerably more affordable than the $12 hot dogs and beers Super Bowl fans were offered in Miami this year.

Price ranges in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta are found to be the opposite with burgers prices at $5 each in last year’s Super Bowl event. This just goes to show that some stadiums are simply cheaper than others.


Source: AOL.com

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