Robert de Niro:”Throw a ‘bag of s—t’ in Donald Trump’s face” [Video]


  • Both DeNurdo and Moore are rumored pedophiles and satan worshippers. What else would one expect from such brainless morons? Anyone can act and I know better youtube video directors (and they’re only 9 and 11 years old!)
    Most Hollywood Neanderthals should stick to their life of illusion and self aggrandizing and leave politics to the adults.

  • What a childish azzhole! Grow the hell up and get over it. TRUMP IS PRESIDENT AND WILL BE PRESIDENT FOR A LONG TIME!
    All you cry baby Democrats need to suck it up like we did when Clinton and Obama was president.
    If you can’t behave like an adult then sit down and shut up or move the hell out of THE USA!

  • Robert De Niro is an Obama ass and ball licking supporter, that moron supports the piece of shit Obama who sold us out numerous times. Honestly, De Niro is a piece of crap. He threatens the President and can walk away, try threatening that load of human shit Obama and the federal will come looking for you.

  • Other than acting in movies that always portray him as a mafia-type tough guy, what has Robert DeNiro done? Not a damn thing. His personality portrays him for what he really is – a sack of S–t.

  • Di Nero is disgusting. He isn’t intelligent enough to understand politics or politicians. He is definitely a master at raising holy hell about who or what he doesn’t understand or doesn’t like. The only thing he’s absolutely in love with is himself.

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