Robots make the pizzas at Zume


  • Zume, a California-based automated pizza delivery restaurant, is selling pizzas made by robots.
  • Not only that, they have delivery trucks that are equipped with ovens so they can cook your pizza while on their way to your doorstep.
  • Founded in 2015 by former Microsoft executive Alex Garden, Zume intends “to make the world a better place.”

Zume founder Garden is an entrepreneur who stops at nothing to think of new innovations to offer better options for consumers.

“One of the founding principles of this company is that every American has a right to a healthy meal they can afford… It’s high-quality bread, and high-quality organic vegetables, and meats and cheeses. Zume Pizza is half the calories per slice, roughly half the cholesterol and half the fat, of any of the national leading chains,” he said in an interview.

“We don’t put any extra sugar in the sauce… in the dough. And we let our dough age for 24 hours; during that process, the fermentation of the dough further reduces the sugar in it,” he explained.

Garden said that his ingredients are sourced directly from the providers. He also uses a predictive algorithm software to know what needs restocking instead of using warehouses. The sausage and tomato sauce are all made in-house.

But what sets Zume apart from the competition is its robots. The robots cook the pizzas, with a little help from humans.  In due course, Garden and co-founder Julia Collins plan to run Zume with no human pizza-makers.

If other companies will follow suit, what will happen to the human workforce? Garden asserted that it’s part of “making the world a better place.”

“The automation exists so that we can eliminate boring, repetitive jobs, and provide a more rewarding work environment for our employees,” he elaborates. “And it exists so that we can buy higher quality ingredients.”

His defense: “We’re a high-growth company. We have people who’ve moved from a role in the kitchen to other roles—to customer support or to finance. You come in and prove that you can work the Zume way, and we make a lifetime commitment to you in return.”

“Every employee in this company makes a minimum of $15 an hour. Everyone gets full medical, dental, vision [insurance] for them and for their families. And everyone, when they hit their six-month mark, becomes a shareholder. So you can make an argument that the absolute number of employed people is the way to go; we don’t believe that.”

Another innovation is their pizza box, which Garden said is made of compressed sugar cane, making it biodegradable, compostable and collapsible. It also keeps the pizza warmer, dry, and prevents it from getting soggy.

 “Your hands will be completely clean after you eat a Zume pizza, no grease or sogginess anywhere.”

For deliveries, Zume uses GPS so that when the truck is four minutes away from its destination, the oven starts cooking your pizza.

Source: Yahoo

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