Russia warning: Avoid alcohol for 2 months after Covid-19 vaccination


  • Heavy alcohol drinking has been linked to a weak immune system.
  • Part of the Russian government’s immunization campaign is to warn Russians to stay away from alcohol in the next 2 months after vaccination.
  • 100,000 have already been immunized with doctors, teachers, and other essential workers as a priority.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a massive immunization campaign for the coronavirus last week.  The priority of the campaign is front-liners like doctors, teachers, and other essential workers. According to the government, they have already vaccinated 100,000 in spite of the criticism that they have received regarding the fast approval of the vaccine when it has only been tested on a small scale.

Interim analysis of the data by the developers of the vaccine showed that it was 91.4% effective. There were only 39 infections from a study group of 18,794 study participants.  This is a much lower result compared to other effectivity assessments of other Western drug makers.

And now after being vaccinated with Sputnik V, Russians have been warned to curb their alcohol intake as it has been proven to weaken the immune system.

The vaccination will take 42 days and while following mitigation measures to avoid infection, Russians should also avoid taking alcohol and immunosuppressant drugs, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

According to a NIH-published research, “Clinicians have long observed an association between excessive alcohol consumption and adverse immune-related health effects such as susceptibility to pneumonia,” and more recently, respiratory distress related-syndromes.”

The World Health Organization reported in 2018 that Russia has already curbed its alcohol consumption.  In 2010, the average alcohol consumption per person in Russia was over 15 liters or about 4 gallons. In 2016, it dropped to 11.7 liters or about 3 gallons.

However, based on another WHO report, “heavy episodic drinking among drinkers is very high (≥ 60% of current drinkers) in the Russian Federation.”.

Medical findings show that heavy alcohol consumption leads to liver cirrhosis, traffic-related injuries and, in some cases, cancer.

Source: Fox News

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