Russian ‘LOTR’ adaptation released in public after 3 decades

Russian ‘LOTR’ adaptation released in public after 3 decades [Video]


  • A Soviet adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy was found after 30 years since it aired on USSR television.
  • The Soviet-style movie was made during the economic collapse of the USSR shown in 1991.
  • The film introduced a few characters and plot twists not included in the modern LOTR trilogy by Peter Jackson.

After being kept for over three decades, a rare Russian TV adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy was finally discovered, according to the Guardian.

Aired on Leningrad television, the 1991 film ‘Khraniteli’ is translated to something close to “guardians,” per Tolkien’s first installment. The film was presumed to have been lost after the Soviet Union collapsed before the year ended.

The trilogy was made during the time that the USSR was encountering economic turmoil, as the adaptation was done using a low-budget set design with special effects of Soviet-style entertainment. The show also included a soundtrack from rock band Akvarium member and Russian composer Andrei Romanov.

Last week, 5TV, the Russian state network and successor of Leningrad TV, posted the first two parts of “Khraniteli” on YouTube. It has a current total of 450,000 views.

One hopeful netizen on YouTube commented: “I’m waiting for a hero in Russia to make English subtitles for this. Please.”

According to World of Fiction, a Russian-language fantasy fansite that investigated the nowhere-to-be-found film in 2016, the fans “have been searching the archives but had not been able to find this film for decades.”

While Khraniteli was released 10 years before director Peter Jackson’s blockbuster ‘LOTR’ trilogy, the USSR-made film was able to include some plot twists and a few characters, like the supporting role of Tom Bombadil, the Old Forest dweller who accompanied Frodo Baggins on their quest to destroy the One Ring.


Source: New York Post

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