Salma Hayek says COVID almost killed her

  • Salma Hayek contracted COVID during the early days of the pandemic.
  • She was isolated for seven weeks in her home in London.
  • Hayek reveals she hasn’t fully recovered from the effects of the illness. 

Salma Hayek reveals she almost died secretly battling COVID-19.

In a recent interview with Variety, the actress revealed she’s spent most of 2020 recovering from COVID, which she contracted during the onset of the pandemic.

The 54-year-old actress said her condition was so bad that her doctor advised her to go to the hospital, but she insisted that she’d rather die at home.

Hayek was isolated for seven weeks in a room in their London home, where she and her husband, billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault, and their 13-year-old daughter, Valentina, live together. 

Hayek said she was placed on oxygen at one point. The actress said she hasn’t fully regained her energy. 

She returned to acting in April for Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, where she stars along with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. The film was shot in Italy. 

Hayek said the filming didn’t require her to be on the for a long time, so it was “the perfect job to just get back into it.” Before returning to acting, Hayek was just doing Zooms for Ventanarosaher own production company, but she said it would leave her “so tired”.

Hayek also talked about the essay she wrote in December 2017 about the sexual harassment and bullying she experienced at the hands of disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. “I had to convince myself that I’m a fighter and above all else, a survivor. When all this happened with the Harvey story, I didn’t know that it happened to so many women. I went into such a depression for months. It really took an army of women to make me see I was true survivor, and a true fighter,” Hayek revealed. 

Harvey was first accused of sexual misconduct in October 2017, which opened a floodgate of accusations. 

Hayek said she didn’t think people would be interested to hear her story. She said she was able to go through that hard time with Pinault’s support, although her husband was also “shocked” that she hadn’t revealed to him earlier the full details of her Weinstein experience.

Hayet said a lot of people were upset with her because she didn’t tell them what really happened. But after writing about the experience, several people from the industry wrote to her to tell her that they experienced the same thing.

Weinstein has been convicted of sexual assault and rape and is serving a 23-year sentence in a state prison near Buffalo, N.Y. He filed an appeal in April and is awaiting extradition to Los Angeles for an additional 11 counts that may potentially sentence him to 140 years of imprisonment.

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