Santorini Donkeys Crippled by Obese Tourists from US, UK and Russia


  • So, common sense would tell the owners of the donkey they can’t ride them.
    The fault here lies with the donkey owners and their company.
    If a person is too heavy to ride then tell them.
    The owners only want the money from the tourists.
    The blame is with them. Not the people mentioned from the countries they mentioned.
    Trouble with people today is that everyone else is the cause of the problem. Take the responsibility yourself to protect your animals.

    • THE people who “own” these donkeys treat them horribly. I did this about 11 years ago and it was a big mistake. They do not treat their customers much better……I am short and it took me more than taller people when I was getting off……I was afraid he was going to hit me with the whip he uses for the animals.

  • Get the fat asses off the asses & treat the donkeys humanely! How can people be so cruel as to overuse & abuse these hardworking animals like that…….I wish they would rebel!!!

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