Satan Worshippers Unveil Statue of Goat-Headed Creature in Arkansas


  • Unbelievable !! I am in a state of shock!

    I understand the Constitution’s 1st Amendment has been interpreted to allow this type of “freedom”. However, as I was taught , back in the day, it meant the the State shall not establish a “state religion” such as found in England where the Monarch is the head of the church. I am as sure as I am still breathing if there are such things as ghosts that the founding fathers are agast at this event !

    I pray for these people.

  • It is Satan, he is the king of all evil. A true tyrant, why people would want to worship the most powerful evil force in the world, or make a statue to him is beyond me. But when Jesus returns and with God sends Satan into the Lake of Fire defeating him they will finally learn that God is the true King of all the Universe, not Satan. That he was only a charlatan.

  • This is the result of misunderstood and “twisted” congressional rights. When the “immoral”, free expression of sexual behavior became accepted, what was brought upon us is “negative” results. We were forced to go after the “almighty” dollar by the rise in prices where it took two to be employed to raise a family. This resulted in children seeking out pleasures that they were too immature to understand, as mature guidance was “at work”! Therefore they missed the fact that what God created sex for was for procreation between a “man and a woman” in an enriched. loving relationship. These “evil”, satanic, sexual rituals took over “sane” worship as God intended and “opened” the door for “satan” to lead the children astray and they grew up without guidance.

  • Smh. Bottom line of they want to worship Satan that’s their business. Just like if you want to worship God that’s YOUR business. This country was founded on religious freedom…not just of YOUR religion. If someone wants to worship an aardvark and wants a 50 foot statue of it standing on its head wearing a pink tutu and balancing an umbrella on its foot more power to them.
    Oh and I’m removing the quotation marks from your keyboard. Geeez

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