Satellite Data Shows Sea Levels Are Surging At Accelerating Rates As Ice Sheets Melt


  • Gerald, I agree 100% with you. Global warming is only a trick for the government to grab more of our money. Then all they will do with it is put it in their own pockets. Just a bunch of nonsense.

  • Can’t say that I see Golman Sachs or or other big investment banks putting a kabash on their investments in the coast of Florida or anywhere else that is “threatened” by Global Warmimg. Put your money where your mouth is!

  • The facts are found in the Earth itself. Past global flooding is recorded in that history. The reasons for it are still open for discussion.
    There are a lot of extinct species that did not survive. They at least weren’t the cause of their own demise.

    • You are right about past global flooding and the fact that it is an ongoing discussion. Plate tectonics (the shifting of the continents) is linked to these changes and is a large factor. The earth is a “live” planet, ever changing.

  • I suspect this is “fake news” being given by Russia to upset our Democracy. Reason: If you look at the headline, you will find that whoever put it out used a wrong word, something that any writer should know. Since the word can be translated three ways, if you were not familiar with the English language, you would use the most common word, not the correct word. I’ll let you figure it out.

  • The seas are still natural and rise and fall depending on the climate. A number of years ago, a baleen whale fossil was found at the Sarno dump. It was approximately 25,000 years old. It was found 8 feet above sea level and 8 miles from the beach. Whales have never been good on the land.

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