Scientists extract liquid blood from 42,000-year-old carcass of prehistoric horse


  • Scientists were able to extract liquid blood from the body of a foal dating back almost 42,000 years.
  • The carcass was exceptionally preserved and researchers are “confident of success” for cloning the extinct horse.
  • The same team responsible for the discovery also hopes to clone the extinct woolly mammoth.

The Siberian permafrost has been a source of great paleontological discoveries. The greatest, however, maybe this- LIQUID blood from an extinct foal that’s almost 42,000 years old.

The carcass of the prehistoric baby animal belongs to a Lenskaya horse. It is estimated that it was around 1-2 weeks old when it died due to drowning. It was discovered in the Batagaika crater in an exceptionally well-preserved condition. Its internal organs were “beautifully preserved”, its muscles retained its “natural reddish color”, and hair was also intact on the head, part of its body, and legs (bay body and black mane and tail).

According to the head of the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk, Dr. Grigoryev, “this is the best-preserved Ice Age animal ever found in the world.”

It doesn’t have any visible damage which is common for paleontological finds which can usually have serious body formations or are strongly mummified. The foal was found during the summer last year, however, blood was only extracted from heart vessels on February 28. It’s believed that it is the oldest blood ever found in the world.

The discovery was made by the same team of international scientists who hope to clone the extinct woolly mammoth from genetic material also found frozen in permafrost.

The team in Russia is working with South Korean experts from the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation. They have announced that they are “confident of success” that the DNA samples they will collect are enough to clone the long-gone Lenskaya horse. Work on this is so advanced that the team is already reportedly choosing a surrogate animal for the prehistoric horse.


Source: Daily Mail Online

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