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Scuba divers say ‘I do’ in underwater ceremony [video]




  • A couple of scuba divers married in an underwater wedding.
  • Several ocean-dwelling guests attended the ceremony, including a few sharks.
  • The couple bonded over learning to scuba dive in their courtship.

A couple of scuba-diving enthusiasts took their passion to a whole new level — below sea level, that is.

Lisa Huggins and Christopher Jackson wed in an underwater ceremony. The couple’s wedding was in an 864,000-liter tropical oceanarium at the Bear Grylls Adventure center in Warwickshire, UK.

The underwater ceremony came complete with a variety of ocean guests — including sharks. Blacktip reef sharks are a timid species that can grow up to seven feet long. So not to worry, they typically don’t pose a threat to humans.

The newlyweds learned to scuba dive together, which is why they wanted this unique experience.

However, this wasn’t their first choice, as the coronavirus pandemic took their original plans off the table.

“We were going to get married in Cyprus, then, with Covid, we couldn’t travel, and then with guest restrictions, it put a halt to everything really,” Huggins said.

“So, for us, this was a good way really, we could keep the numbers down and do something that we love,” the 38-year-old added.

Huggins further explained the significance of the unusual setting.


“We trained to be scuba divers together, so it’s sort of a journey that we started on together,” she said. “So getting married was just another part of that journey for us, our diving journey.”

Jackson echoed his wife’s sentiments.

“With Covid, we couldn’t get married because we were in lockdown and so on,” he said. “Then we contacted these guys here about an underwater feature because we’re both scuba divers and they said ‘Yeah, we’d love to do that’ — so here we are today.”

Source: The Independent

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. 1PatriotForever

    January 12, 2023 at 7:21 pm

    Please ….. seriously?

    Very Glad it made them happy, but seriously what nonsense, but hey too each his own.

    Good for them ^5

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