Seattle area movie theater evacuated due to scare over ‘highly contagious’ box of urine


  • A movie theater in Washington state was evacuated on Friday after a box with a dire warning “highly contagious human substance” was left outside the building.
  • First responders arrived at the at the North Bend Theater for a hazmat call with a box of “highly contagious’ urine samples that had been opened up.
  • The incident happened around 5:15 p.m. in North Bend, about 30 miles east of Seattle when the box was sent to the wrong address.

A movie theater in Washington state was evacuated on Friday after mistakenly receiving a leaking box that contained “highly contagious” urine samples.

A box marked “highly contagious human substance” was delivered to North Bend Theatre in North Bend, Washington — about 30 miles east of Seattle — on Friday night, according to a Twitter post from Eastside Fire & Rescue. Law enforcement later said that the package contained human urine.

According to an announcement on the theater’s website, the package was “leaking an unknown liquid.” The theater manager had opened the box when it was delivered. As a precaution, he was taken to a hospital for observation. He did not sustain injuries as a result of the contact.

Police, fire and hazmat teams converged to the theater, evacuated the building and isolated the box. Eastside Fire & Rescue spokesmen said that the box contained one package of urine. Authorities sent the sample to a local medical center, which confirmed that it was human urine.

Eastside Fire & Rescue later described the incident “minor” and said it was “not considered suspicious or malicious,” according to its Twitter thread. No one was reported injured because of the incident.

The urine samples were thrown away. Authorities say the package was meant to be sent to a medical clinic in Tacoma, approximately 40 miles away from the North Bend Theatre. It was not yet determined how the package ended up at the theater instead.

The theater reopened for business on Saturday.

Source: NBC News

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