Self-driving Uber Car hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona


  • Arizona should be ashamed. Don’t we have enough deadly wrecks on our highways as it is, and now you want to sit in your car and do who knows what while a car drives itself??? Are you too lazy to drive your car yourself?

    Shame on you! I just hope you don’t lose a member of your family while “driving” in your driverless car!

    • 6000 pedestrians are killed by vehicles in the US every year, during which those vehicles go 6000 *billion* miles without killing any. Roughly half of the deaths occur outside of legal crosswalks, also about half the time the pedestrian’s intoxicated. Watching the video, you’ll see that a human driver wouldn’t have been able to avoid the collision either. My heart goes out for the lady who died and everyone affected by this tragedy, but the truth is if you’re going to walk out in front of a car, your best chance of survival is with a computer controlling the brakes.

  • I can’t believe how stupid our society has become first we test a bridge with live traffic underneath and then We have a driverless car run over a woman . Stupid is as stupid does .

    • Those aren’t comparable: the traffic was on the road where it was designated to be; the lady who was killed was not. The bridge only collapsed due to monumental systematic incompetence, but pedestrians have been hit by vehicles in the US over 200 times a day for several decades. About 20 of them don’t survive. Every day. These are all tragic, but the only reason you’re reading about this one is that the robo-car didn’t stop miraculously.

  • This is a very sad situation, but the issue is traffic safety laws. A pedestrian does not have the right of way over a vehicle unless they are at an intersection and are in the crosswalk and have the green light, if there is one. The same law applies with normal cars as with driverless cars. The same horrible accidents occur with cars with drivers. The issue is will these types of accidents occur less often. If these accidents occur as frequently with either type of car, the type of car can not be blamed. Did the bicycle have its headlights and rear lights on? which are required after dark (10 pm). Was the bicyclist intoxicated? Root cause analysis must be done before we blame the car.

  • as we move forward in life things do change–if you like it or not self-driving cars are here to stay—-but yes we must make them safe for everyone—

  • 740 pedestrian’s die each day around the world. No matter where this accident happened the results would be the same………. blame the car. This is unfair. First thing is the car was under the speed limit, would it have been if someone was driving? In most cases, no. The next is that the car was able to stop sooner than if a person was driving it. It’s a shame, but it’s an accident………. as simple as that. I feel for the woman, but SHE was the one at fault, not the car.

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