Self-taught rocket scientist soars into California sky, believes Earth is flat

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  • What a Fkn Idiot, not for what he did but for thinking the world is flat, he’s 61 and thinks the world is flat, a preschooler knows better than that, what a complete flake

    • That’s what I would like to know also! Now that he’s back on earth, did he get high enough to prove or disprove his theory? I personally don’t think he got enough altitude to prove his point one way or another!

  • Hey the guy had the strength of his convictions, and he ACTED on them. That’s the point. He didn’t just talk about it, he gave it his best shot. That’s what it takes to have success, not spouting off but giving it your best shot. Edison, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, etc,etc, all stopped talking about what they would ‘like’ to do, and they worked to do it, and GOT IT DONE. Nowadays all we hear is talk. Seldom do we hear of someone who has an outwardly crazy idea of some unproven thing, and have the courage to actually give it a shot. That’s what made America a leader. Unfortunately, we value talk more than action today, and look at us……..bottom of the barrel in most things, especially health care, math and science, and infrastructure, yet we continue to just T-A-L-K while other nations give it their best shot, and LEAVE US BEHIND.

  • Unbelievable. And this idiot will probably win in this insane state that elects action hero’s to govern so they can cheat on their beautiful brides.
    If a 5 ft 4 in actor can make you believe he’s 6ft 3 in and we the people elect home then flat head mad mike is a shoe in to beat the homosexual Lt. Gov that dreams of turning California into a gun free stoner stat. If all the voters are high all he has to do to win is have a big barbuque. This state is in the toilet thanks cheating governor Brown you set the new standard. The rules don’t apply if you have money.

  • You know something a guy who is a scientist in this day and age who actually believes that the world is flat cannot be taken seriously . If he is a scientist he is either a fraud or is on serious drugs. It only goes to show what California is all about and the people who live there and the way they vote. Imbeciles. Jerry Brown screwed the state in his first insane governor appointment many many years ago. He cancelled a proposed water irrigation system that would have helped California cut down on the wildfires that California experiences for the past 35 years and cancelled it to spend money on other stupid proposals. So 40 years later what do moronic voters do . They reelect this idiot again. California voters you get what you deserve. Thank goodness I live 3000 miles from them. Wildfires illegals sanctuary cities your doing a great job Jerry. What a disgrace. Snap California off and let it float out into the Pacific where it belongs. While your there Jerry look up Linda Ronstadt.

  • Mike ! You did good! Your awesome but plz the earth is round. What you did is fantastic! You followed your dreams. That’s great! Come back to the real world it is round . A lot of people find it funny or crazy ! No one else have accomplished their dreams but you did. Their still collecting their government checks! Just in joy life . Just do it ! Be blessed be safe

  • Who better to know the answer for sure than the person that created all things and who was there from the beginning of time. Hint Hint!
    “There is One who is dwelling above the circle of the earth, the dwellers in which are as grasshoppers.” (Isa 40:22) The Bible says: “He [God] has described a circle upon the face of the waters.” (Job 26:10) (NWT of the Holy Scriptures)

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